Business insurance

Business Insurance

When you’re buying business insurance, knowledge is everything. At Golden Ear Insurance , our business insurance specialists have an outstanding reputation for helping clients find the right policy for their distinct circumstances. Our dedicated team of commercial insurance profesionals will help you protect your assets, save you money, and minimize disruption in the event of a claim.

Small Business

Small Business
Golden Ear Insurance has a team of professionals ready to help you with all your commercial insurance needs. Our experienced Business Insurance specialists will help you find the right coverage for your needs. A few examples:

  • Contractors

  • Real Estate

  • E&O / D&O

  • Duplex Stratas

  • Retail

  • Professional Offices: Accountants / Doctors / Lawyers

  • Building Owners

  • Business Owners

  • Restaurants

Commercial Transportation

Commercial Transportation
Our range of policies cover assorted perils from theft to fire and include transportation by land, air, and water. We offer:

Garage policies

Superior claims handling

Specialty combination packages

Fleet and prorate knowledge

Commercial liability policies

Cargo coverage

Dedicated specialists in Commercial Transportation will help you find the right coverage at the best rate for your specific needs.

Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction
There are specific requirements for many different construction categories. Policies are available for the risks associated with large or small commercial construction projects for:

Bid and payment bonds

Performance bonds

Contractor liability

Course of construction

Commercial Marine

Commercial Marine
Let our Marine Division professionals shop the market for you. We’ll get you the best policy at the best rate for your specific requirements. We provide options and advice for commercial marine applications including:

Builders and manufacturers


Marine industry service providers

Boat dealers and brokers

All business uses from fishing, to charters and rentals