commercial insurance

Property and Liability


Strata corporations can include residential or commercial property, or a mixture of both. Strata coverage typically includes coverage for common areas, buildings, general liability and director's and officer's liability. Like other insurance coverage, strata insurance should be reviewed on an annual basis. Fixtures installled after completion of the original construction of the building may not be included in the original policy. At Golden Ears Insurance, we are able to provide assistance reviewing your present strata coverage.
Contractors Package
If you are in the trades, Golden Ears Insurance offers contractor’s packages that cover your equipment, your materials and your tools. Due to the very nature of the work as a contractor, there are a number of unique risks faced on a constant basis, such as transportation of supplies, equipment, along with liability and property issues. In most cases, liability is required before a project is even bid on or started.
Small Business
The size, type and structure of the business you run will determine the kind of insurance you need. Company assets and earnings can be protected by a combination of property insurance, contents insurance, vehicle insurance and business interruption insurance. To protect the business from being sued, there are a number of options, including general, product, and professional liability insurance. Protecting the people in your business is also essential - key person, partnership, disability, life and health insurance can cover not only the business itself, but your family and income as well.

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Commerical Building
Commercial building insurance provides protection to the business owner against any physical damage to the commercial buildings or business property. There are three types of property coverage that you can choose – building, business personal property, and personal property belonging to others – along with a number of extra coverages depending on your industry specific needs. Examples of situations covered under commercial building insurance, include removal of debris expenses, the cost of restoring electronic data, property preservation and increased construction costs. Replacement cost coverage is needed if you own a commercial building. Accurate appraisals to determine the replacement cost of the building are essential and are best secured from a third party.

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