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Unlike the typical homeowner, owners of townhouses or condos have different insurance needs. Not only are you responsible for your individual unit, you also have a shared ownership in the common areas and building. Stratas will typically handle any expenses for maintenance and upkeep of shared areas through their insurance coverage. While strata fees offset the costs for upkeep of common areas, they generally do not cover personal property within your unit, or your liability if an injury occurs on your property.
Condominium insurance covers you in areas where strata insurance does not. Condo and townhome policies cover the contents of your individual unit, including all personal items, appliances, bathroom and kitchen facilities, and of course furniture. Any improvements, renovations or upgrades you have installed will also be covered under the policy.
A condo or townhome insurance plan from Golden Ears Insurance will provide you with the piece of mind knowing your home is covered. Contact us to get a condo or townhouse insurance quote.
Tenant insurance acts as homeowners insurance for those who are renting their place of residence. Tenant insurance can protect you and your possessions, no matter if you live in an apartment, townhouse, duplex or condo and helps defray any cost of damages if anything happens to a home you rent. Your landlord’s homeowners insurance will not cover you or your possessions - only rental property itself. As a renter, you are responsible for protecting your own assets. Contact Golden Ears Insurance today for more information.
High Value Home
Golden Ears Insurance provides personal insurance management solutions to affluent individuals and their families. High value homes require more than out-of-the-box insurance products and services.
Special property deserves special insurance coverage. Just as you might consult an lawyer with legal concerns, the same applies to personal insurance matters. At Golden Ears Insurance, our insurance professionals are prepared to offer you exceptional service and better coverage as they manage your personal insurance program.

• Excess and umbrella liability
• Primary & secondary homes
• Course of construction
• Private art, coins and collectable
• Aviation, watercraft and automobile
Special Risk and Hard to Place Homeowners
There are cases when you have to insure something out of the ordinary, or something that is just a little different. At Golden Ears Insurance, we have team members who are dedicated to special risk projects. Whether it is a one-off, short term event such as a wedding or softball tournament, or a large construction or engineering project that requires unique consideration, our experienced specialists will be able to advise you every step of the way. Give us a call to discuss your special risk.