Personal insurance

Personal Insurance

WOur success is built on a simple premise – Customer’s First, which has helped us become one of BC’s largest insurance service providers. For our customers, that means access to an established network of insurance providers and a team of professionals ready to provide options and advice that ensure you’re getting the best value for your insurance investment.


Home Insurance
Your home is an important asset. Protect yourself and your family from loss caused by fire, theft, and unforeseen perils with a homeowners insurance policy. Each client has different requirements and risk factors that affect their policy needs including:

  • Mortgage lender requirements

  • Real Estate

  • Claims history

  • Age and construction

We help you find the right coverage for your home, contents, and residential liability, and then determine your eligibility for savings programs based on claims history, credit status, and maturity discounts. We also offer 24 hour claims service.

Special Risk

Special Risk
Anyone can find themselves in the Special Risk category. You may have found yourself unable to find coverage and not every insurance agency can help. Special policies may be available for:

Credit problems

Unusual circumstances

Too many claims

If you have nowhere else to turn, try us. At Johnston Meier, our team of Special Risk brokers (not experts) can help you find a carrier willing to accept your policy and give you peace of mind.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance
When you’re travelling for business or pleasure, near or far, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re covered for unplanned setbacks. Theft, illness, and accidents that occur away from home may not be insured by your other policies. Simple medical costs can run into the tens of thousands of dollars in foreign countries, not to mention associated losses for extended stays and cancelled transportation costs. Travel policy coverage is available for:

Trip interruption and cancellation

Rental car protection


Medical expenses

Travel insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that if things don’t go according to plan; you are at least financially protected during your journey.

Tenant & Condo Insurance

Tenant & Condo Insurance
As a strata owner or tenant, your risk factors and responsibilities are different to the requirements for a detached home. The need for proper coverage is the same, and often a mandatory legal requirement of Strata Associations and landlords. Policies are available to cover:

Content replacement costs

Additional living expenses

Residential liability and risk

We can help you determine your risks and recommend the right coverage for you. Contact one of our locations to learn more.

Marine – Pleasure Craft Insurance

Protect your watercraft and mitigate the risks of operating recreational boats and other personal water vehicles. Our Marine Insurance options provide coverage when your boat is in or out of the water, in use, or in storage for:



Physical damage or loss

Additional perils

Make sure you are protected with the best policy against potential losses. Our marine specialists will help you find the right level of coverage for your unique situation.